Directory Instructions

Thank you for helping to create our contact database! You have no idea what a huge help to us you are!!! 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Download this spreadsheet template
  2. Save it as "Contacts _____ (state) _____ (date) ____ (your initials). For example: Contacts VA 080619 AZ.
  3. Search for contacts within the state you selected and fill out the sheet! Make sure you save frequently or have autosave turned on. 
  4. When you are finished email the spreadsheet to

SEND YOUR SPREADSHEET by the end of the day on August 12, 2019! Please email over what you have, even if it's only 2 contacts! You can always email the sheet a second time with a new date after August 12, but we have big plans for the feast day of our Patron Saint, Father Maximilian Kolbe, on August 14. We'll need a day (August 13) to compile all the information and let people know the news on August 14!  Any contacts added after that can be sent information too, but they'll miss the big announcement when it's new. 


Q: How do I search for contacts? 

A: Check the diocesan website for the state and look for a directory. (Aka, search "Virginia Catholic Diocese website" in google - you'd find one for Arlington and one for Richmond). Search for "Catholic Charismatic groups Virginia" or "Catholic prayer groups Virginia" or "Renewal ministries Virginia" etc... and look for directories. 

Q: Can I use my personal contacts? 

A: Yes, but please be confident your contacts will be okay with getting an invitation from us about CMAX.TV. 

Q: What if I can't find full contact information? 

A: Fill in what you can find! Right now the most important thing is a name and email address.

Q: What if I find contacts for another state?

A: Please go ahead and add them! We're just trying to focus searches on individual states. Many hands make light work! 

Q: What exactly is going to happen with this contact information?

A: It is going to be used to invite people to become a part of CMAX.TV - be it as a participant in a free retreat, a member of the email list, a a subscriber for CMAX.TV video streaming, a content producer, a subscription partner, or someone who helps us get off the ground! We'll send an invitation via e-mail and a mailed invitation this year. Then it will be up to the group if they want to be involved, but they'll have the opportunity! 

Q: What is NOT going to happen with this contact information?

A: It will never be sold or used for spam. People and groups will have to actively choose to get regular updates from CMAX after our initial invitations. 

Q: What is the mission of CMAX.TV?

A: CMAX.TV produces and distributes original entertainment that promotes what is true, good, and beautiful. We provide a platform for partners and content creators to transform culture and bring hope to families and individuals. 

Our core values:

-       Promote excellent and relevant media across a wide breadth of genres that speaks universally and/or to specific demographic groups.

-       Vigilantly seek out exceptionally valuable content while promoting original, innovative storytelling that resonates from the core of the human condition through the real challenges faced today and tomorrow.

-       Fund content producers and ministries to continue their work through our commission and partnership programs.